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Therapy Online

Traveling for work, going on vacation, lack of transportation, or living in another state should not preclude you from fully engaging in therapy. We offer video sessions through a completely secure and confidential, HIPPA-compliant video conferencing portal which works much better for therapy than Skype. We work with some clients exclusively online; and with others, we use online therapy as a way of maintaining continuity from week to week.

Some people worry that something will be lost when participating in therapy online, such as the ability to meaningfully process nonverbal communication between the therapist and client. While this is certainly an inherent risk in meeting online, there are very effective ways of minimizing the impact of being separated by a computer. One is to use an excellent online platform (not Skype) that improves the quality of the video connection so that nuances are noticed.  

Another concern is about the privacy of information when participating in online therapy. When providing online counseling, we use a HIPPA-compliant, encrypted video conferencing platform that is easy to use and highly secure.  

Please note: At this time, most insurance companies do not cover online therapy.